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Welcome to Gateways!

Gateways is a developing estate company that follows code of practice as used in the international arena. In Baku Gateways is perhaps the best known for the leasing , sale and acquisition of commercial and residential property.

When working for occupiers seeking to lease or buy, our company teams provide advice on the suitability of specific locations. and buildings and on how the accommodation can be improved to meet particular needs. We will negotiate the most advantageous lease or purchase conditions on behalf of their clients. When leasing or selling buildings achievable lease or sale conditions for their owners' benefit.

Our company team's practical knowledge of what local and international occupiers want in terms of type, quality, facilities, location and value of their accommodation makes a vital input in the advice Gateways provides to developers, investors, planning authorities and government bodies.

Svetlana Pulatova - Business Manager / Owner.
Business (Development) Manager / Owner
November-28 2020 , Saturday
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